Accessories for more carefree boating

Alutrack's range of products includes easy-to-use, high-quality docks for large and small boats as well as jet skis. You will also find plenty of accessories in our range to help you adjust your dock to your shore. Take some of the hassle out of boating - order one of our docks and accessories to help getting your boat on land easier. Our products are available all around Europe and elsewhere.

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Pricing of accessories

Additional rails

  • Additional pair of rails 2.35 m with connection accessories

    330 €

  • Additional pair of rails 5 m with connection accessories

    585 €

Winch protection box

  • Winch protection box (for basic winch VRX 25, VRX 45 or Axon 45)

    420 €

  • Winch protection box (for large winch VR EVO 8)

    450 €

The protective box is lockable and has plenty of space for the battery, charger and small accessories. In addition, the box can be used as a step (height approx. 40 cm) when boarding the boat.

Boat stairs

  • Stairs with one step

    790 €

  • Stairs with two steps

    940 €

The stairs make boarding the boat from the bow easier. The steps are broad and sturdy, and supportive rails prevent stumbling. Boarding stairs with two steps incorporate a lockable box on the upper stair. The boarding stairs are easy to install in extant docks. The stairs require a separate winch box (sold separately).


Lightweight Dock extra V-support

  • Lightweight adjustable V-support for the front wagon

    195 €

    The V-support is attached to the front wagon of the Lightweight Dock. It is adjustable and stabilizes the boat while it is on the dock.

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