Small boat dock for lightweight boats and jet skis

Alutrack's small boat dock is suitable for small and lightweight boats and jet skis. With the help of the aluminium dock, pulling the boat or jet ski ashore is effortless. You can have our docks and accessories delivered to anywhere in Europe and elsewhere. We would love to tell you more, so get in touch and get ready for the boating season with our top-grade tools!

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Small boat dock

New for 2022 is the Alutrack small boat dock designed for small and/or lightweight boats and jet skis.

The small boat dock suits boats or jet skis with a weight of no more than 400kg.  The carriage is pulled onto the dock by a WARN drill winch with a traction strength of 337kg. A small boat dock can be 11.75 metres (5 * 2.35m) in length at most.


In principle, the small boat dock functions the same as Alutrack's large boat dock - the boat or jet ski is driven onto the carriage and then the carriage is drawn ashore along the rails.

The electric winch is used with a standard drill machine with a torque of at least 4Nm. Drill machine is not included.


The winch is lightweight and portable, and can be easily detached from its fastenings and used for other tasks.

Installing a small boat dock

It's easy to install a dock on your shore. You can get yourself familiar with the subject with the help of our installation guidelines, available here (PDF). Please also take a look at our frequently-asked questions. If you need, we can tell you more - get in touch!

The benefits of a small boat dock

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Suitable for lightweight boats and jet skis

Have you ever wondered how to fet your lightweight boat or jet ski ashore without struggling? A small boat dock is a perfect solution. It can pull a boat or jet ski weighing up to 400kg ashore.

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Manual or electric winches

We sell small boat docks with both manual and electric winches. We also offer accessories to make adjusting the dock to your shore easier.

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Protects the bottom

With the help a dock, you can bring your boat or jet ski ashore carefully, without damaging the bottom. It is also easy to clean the bottom of a boat when it is docked. This way, you can be sure to enjoy your pastime without a care all summer long.

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Finnish know-how

All of our boat docks are manufactured in Finland. Winches and accessories are provided by expertly-selected partners. This being the case, we can guarantee quality and durability in our products.