Aluminium boat docks are stainless

Alutrack produces durable boat docks made from aluminium which is a long-lasting, stainless material. We provide boat docks suitable for all boats from rowing boats to larger motor boats. Our aluminium boat docks are available to order everywhere in Finland and the Nordic Countries. 

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Large boat dock

Our large boat dock is suitable for a boat with a total weight of up to 3,300 kg. The length of the boat dock varies according to what purpose it is used for and also based on the beach terrain. When determining the length, it is important to consider whether it will only be used to remove the boat from the water or whether it will also be used as winter storage, when the boat needs to be pulled further away from the waterfront.  

To make sure the boat dock can be operated properly, it is important to ensure that the length is sufficient to take the boat far enough into the water. Alutrack boat docks are designed to be operated in such a way that the carriage, on top of which the boat sits, goes so far into the water that it is deep enough for the boat to float on the carriage before the winch is switched on. What this means is that the bigger the boat, the deeper the water needs to be. This needs to be taken into account when calculating the rail length. 

Price list


  • Rail extension 5m


  • Strengthened back carriage** Boat weight > 1,800 kg


  • Heavy load wheel set** Boat weight > 2,750 kg


  • Back carriage extra support, bottom deadrise > 20°


  • Dyneema rope 5mm, incl. hook and splicing / 1 m


  • Exide maintenance charger and battery box


  • Protection box for winch


Manual winch / AL-KO-901

  • Length 11.75 m (rails 5 x 2.35 m)


  • Length 14.10 m (rails 6 x 2.35 m)


  • Length 16.45 m (rails 7 x 2.35 m)


* VRX45 electric winch comes with Eljo remote control, range 50 meters. Boat docks with an electric winch do not come with a separate manual winch.

** Additional price, replaces the standard part

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Installing the boat dock at your private beach is easy and effortless. Please find installation instructions for the large boat dock here (PDF).
In case you have any queries, please see a collection of frequently asked questions with answers here.

Why it's good to have a large boat dock


Suitable for large boats

Our large boat docks are great for large boats. Lifting and lowering the boat is done effortlessly with an electric winch. 


Flexible boat dock rail length

The boat dock is composed of 5-meter modules. The length of the boat dock typically varies between 15 meters and 25 meters, depending on the depth of the beach. The maximum length with a standard winch is 30 meters. By changing the winch, the maximum length can even reach up to 50 meters. Where required, the 5-meter rails can also be combined with 2.35-meter rails, even though these are typically used for the light boat dock. 


Protects from the elements and wear

Thanks to the boat dock, the bottom of the boat is not constantly in the water, so it stays clean and in good condition for longer than usual. The bottom is easy to clean and the boat is sheltered from storms and water level fluctuation. 

Ympäristöystävällisyyttä symboloiva kuvake

Environmentally friendly, high-quality product from Finland

Our boat docks are 100% made in Finland. Our winches are made in the USA and the winch remote control and the carriage wheels, for example, are made in Germany. The fasteners and axles, etc, that we use are made of acid-proof steel. We always select high-quality materials that last a long time, so that the boat dock can, so to speak, be passed from father to son.